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Pee-eice de Resistance

My personal favorite

I just got my gorgeous new pieces back the other day. So, I had to get creative, because I ain’t no photographer, and voila- here they are. They are available for purchase, and while I am waiting on my new art site, http://www.ShellyPeacock.me , I am posting them here.

Please enjoy, and if you or someone you know is looking for some very unique art for their walls, just leave a comment.


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I think this is my very favorite of the florals that I have done. My two favorite things are flowers and color, with swirls and flourishes running for bronze and, well, copper in medal status I guess.

Enjoy this one, and look through the Flickr.com pics to the right to see even more.

It's not an orchid, and it's not really red, but WHATEVA-

One of my fave flowers!

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Grapes of Wrath

You know how when you are upset with someone- if you channel that energy to creativity- then it’s amazing what comes out.Have fun with this, Andrea

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