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Happy Good Friday- I fingerpainted this just for you-

Amazing Good Friday- the culmination of “‘The Plan”… and the powers were really proud of themselves. This was the day that they killed the insurgent that created all the problems in their hierarchy- the supposed “Messiah”, the One that dared to question them, both in the street and in the Temple.

With a great crash and clap of thunder at 3:00, it was finished. The battle was over….

Then three days later- He rose. We won. And, the battle continues.

Take a second today around 3:00 and let the anticipation begin. What this all means to you- and get ready for the Super Bowl Sunday for Christians-

Happy Resurrection Day!


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"See- I promised you JOY in the morning!"

“There may be pain in the night, but JOY comes in the morning!” Ps. 30:5

Morning, Dad- Thanks for the beautiful picture that You painted outside of my window- I LOVE it! It gives me hope for the most incredible day yet, and I will live this day with this beautiful note from You in my head! I know that you make ALL things work together for my good, and this masterpiece proves just that!

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“I can’t, I don’t want to, I shouldn’t, I’m don’t feel like it…” All of these are little decisions made almost subconsciously, immediately springing to mind whenever anything is requested, even from ourselves. We have to talk ourselves into it, not out of it. When did we all become so negative? When we felt like we were getting nowhere? When we felt deserted and alone? When we reached the top of the ladder and found nothing there but emptiness?

I needed a new computer, mine was almost toast. I called my local Geek, and together we spec’d out the most amazing machine, would probably dwarf NASA’s, and I was pumped! This was Tuesday, and it would be built to spec by Friday. After three giddy days of waiting with baited breath, the time to pick it up was almost here! As I did various little happy dances (yes, “churning the butter”) on that Thursday night, little “wait” whispers started in my mind. The next little whisper said “Yes, go get it, but it’s not yours.”. WHAT? WHAT??! “Go, and get it and take it to church” came the next one.

Okay, I easily drowned out THAT little thought, but quietly, the thoughts came on like the first raindrops in an ensuing monsoon… “It’s not yours, it goes to church, shhhh, listen to Me…” and, after everything else left my mind, I began to accept the idea of this fabulous new machine living someplace other than at my house.  “Okay, Yes” I said, even becoming marginally (very marginally) excited about the idea.

The next day, the Geek called me and told me that it was ready. Excitement had been replaced with anticipation of what Dad was doing with this computer, and I could hardly wait to see where this would go. Around 3pm I got to the store to pick it up. Beautiful and strong the light glinted off of the shiny new chrome edges, and the state-of-the-art hum of the amazingly speedy processor sent a tiny chill down my spine. I loaded it into my car, and driving down the road, I called the Lead Pastor, Scott to tell him to meet me because I had something to give him. I explained that it was too big to leave on the front doorstep of the building.

Scott was at a local grocery store grabbing a few last minute items for his son’s birthday party, for which he was already late, but he would wait in that parking lot. Now, driven not only by the gift, but by the party, I flew the 11 or so miles to get there as fast as I could. I careened into the parking lot of the store on almost 2 wheels, and screeched to a stop behind his big pickup truck.

He was standing there when I got out, and I said “I don’t know why you need this, but I have something in the backseat that is yours”. I opened the back door of the car, and when he saw the new packaging, the beautiful tower, keyboard, and all of the packaging, he looked at me in astonishment.

Then he slowly began to shake all over, and tears made their way down his cheeks. And, he opened his mouth and said the most amazing thing:

“Our presentation computer just crashed 30 minutes ago at church, we can’t afford another one, and we didn’t know what we were going to do for even the next Sunday service”

The tiny little whisper in the mind is the voice of Dad, quietly and gently leading us in His direction, even when we don’t want to go. The choice is always ours, as are the resulting consequences. The word “no” is our human response to this direction. It is so very easy to tune this little voice out, because it is a whisper, a fleeting thought. With so many thoughts swirling in our heads every moment, how is it possible to listen to the ones that we need as our moment-by-moment GPS? Take a second and think back over the last few thoughts that entered your mind. Do you see the common theme? It’s there. The more important the idea, the stronger the thought pattern. Now, imagine acting on each and every thought in this theme with a YES. It’s not always about going to Africa, unless you are thinking Africa…

Just say Yes to the next ten things that are requested of you… you will see the world in a different light, I promise.

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In mid May of 1965, several things happened. Two little cells with plans of their own came together and in the blink of an eye, created a new human.

God nodded, and said “Just as planned”.

In the ensuing weeks, this little group of cells got really busy and started multiplying like crazy. First, it was the size of a pea, then a few weeks later, the size of a thumbnail, a golf ball, etc. Growing joyously, and never concerned for her safety, she constantly amazed her surroundings with the tiniest of details, manifesting with ease and the speed of God.

Meanwhile, her mother, slowly realizing what was going on inside of her body, began to panic. Constant thoughts assaulted her every waking moment, fear, anxiety, hatred, recycling through her mind like a tidal wave of epic nightmares, until paralysis threatened to take her over. She was very young, and had nowhere to run, and no one to turn to in this mammoth crisis. Certain beyond all hope that this event would ruin her life, she set out on the decision process. What to do? End this raging growth? End her very own life? Shut her eyes tightly and pray for it to go away? Pray… did I hear Pray?

In the most fleeting instant, a decision was revealed. Adoption. There would be no end to this innocent life that had no fault in this mess. Seeking counsel, she decided to go away and wait for this to be over, and go on with her life.

Once again, God nodded, and said “Just as Planned”.

In a little town 100 miles away, a young couple said yet another prayer. He worked for NASA, she was a home extension agent. The perfect couple had everything but a child. They had tried everything, and nothing had worked, Infertility treatments, rudimentary as they were, and all of the basics had been covered to no avail. In desperation, they turned to the adoption process, and contacted an agency. The waiting had begun. And, again in the blink of an eye, the connection was made, and the months of waiting in vain turned into months of waiting for something. A perfect baby girl, who was still growing ecstatically without a care in the world.

Again, God nodded and said “Just as Planned”.

On January 9th, both mothers experienced the absolute joy and pain that new life can bring at the same instant. The first mother loved that baby girl enough to give her life, and with that first tiny cry, found the ultimate joy of her accomplishment, coupled with the pain of knowing that she would never see her again. But, as planned, she would get to continue on with her life, knowing forever that she gave the greatest gift that a woman can give to another. The second mother trembled, crying,  as she hung up the phone, knowing that all the months of waiting and praying had finally resulted in the perfect bundle that she would receive as her very own in just a short time.

Yet again, God nodded, and said “Just as Planned”.

And they never looked back, and that little girl lived the rest of her life in the comfort and security of both mothers’ paralleled love.

Yes, this baby was precious, wanted, and planned, but not by her mother, by her Creator. In Romans 8:28, it says “He makes all things work together for our good”. In this case, that phrase has been multiplied on an infinite scale. Both mothers received what they were supposed to have, and that baby girl benefited from her Father and His plan from the very beginning of her little life.  Ask this moment what He wants for you, then follow the first whisper that you hear. It may sound crazy, but He makes sense in His world, not ours. And, you could very well change a life today.

And still, God is nodding, and saying, “Just as Planned”.

And that little girl? That’s me.

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